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Fairtrade Certified Gold Launches this Valentine’s Day

Fairtrade Certified Gold Launches this Valentine’s Day


Let’s face it, most women LOVE jewellery. Whether it’s a diamond ring or an inexpensive beaded necklace, jewellery of all styles are always in vogue. And with Valentine’s Day approaching fast, many will be hopeful to receive something sparkly, expertly gift-wrapped, accompanied with a sweet love note.

But whether you decide to wear your heart on your sleeve, or wrapped round your partner’s finger, lavish this February in pure fairtrade and fairmined GOLD. This is an amazing story of hope against all the odds and one that EcoChic Magazine is simply thrilled to celebrate.

EcoChic Boutique BW 400Dazzle in Ethical Gold Dust

The Fairtrade Foundation and Alliance for Responsible Mining have collaborated together to bring about social, environmental and economic development in small- scale mining and artisanal communities. The opportunity to enrich and empower workers will be achievable with many currently trapped in unfair supply chains, struggling to get a fair price for the gold they find. It will also gives retailers the chance to offer the public certified sustainable gold for the first time too.

CRED Hanga Earrings GoldEcoChic Boutique holds a stunning range of gorgeous ethical and fairtrade Jewellery, view our collections HERE.

Acclaimed ethical jeweller Ute Decker is to reveal her new Fairtrade gold collection on Valentine’s Day 2011. Known for her minimalist sculptural designs, she will be one of the first worldwide to promote and turn this exquisite gold into stunning ethical jewellery. Commenting on this commendable but long awaited process she says,

‘I am proud to support small scale miners, their rights, livelihoods and our environment. 15% of the Faittrade premium will directly benefit the artisanal mining communities; paying for a midwife, schools and clean water. I already have several pre-orders for pieces in Fairtrade gold; my clients are excited to be part of the best gold story in the world.’

Entwined Hanga Pendant GoldGreg Valerio, founder of CRED Jewellery, refers to this launch as a way of “banishing the injustices and providing a new equitable system. Right now, there isn’t any traceability, and jewellers don’t know where their gold comes from, the Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold Mark changes this, it is a powerful story”

Jewellery retailer Pippa Small wishes to see Fair Trade mines encourage other mines to become certified. She states,

‘If public demand for cleaner gold goes up, the mines will see there is good reason to become certified. If we can increase awareness among consumers then we can help bring about a positive change.’

The concept of everything Fair Trade has become an irreversible evolution, proving not just to be a passing trend. And in correlation, consumers are increasingly developing concern about what’s behind the products they buy also.

Dangerous Grounds

A specially chosen piece of jewellery is given as a symbol of love. But for the millions of people who want to display their affection this Valentine’s Day, the way they choose to show their pure intention could plainly be mired in misery.

When someone utters the words ‘blood diamonds,’ many may have a strong understanding about the concept. However, little is truly known amongst consumers about the process of extracting gold, silver and precious gemstones, before they are put into the hands of a jeweller. Lethal chemicals like cyanide and mercury are used for extraction and then the toxic waste is thoughtlessly deposited back into running rivers and streams. More often than not the employees are children working in abhorrent and dangerous conditions, and for many workers pay is appalling.

Leblas Gold Rosette BangleShowing someone your eternal love come this Valentines can be costly, not only to your wallet but also to the lives of communities and our planet. Unethical mining and trade within the thriving jewellery industry for such sought- after commodities inevitably exploits and destroys.

Send a Loving Gesture and……Sparkle with a Difference!

To ignite those promising romantic imaginations take a look at some of the leading jewellery designers and their ethical pieces below.

Award winning Leblas jewellery represents a fusion between traditional craftsmanship and fine contemporary design. The handmade Filigree Links ring, available in white silver, rose, black and yellow gold are wonderfully dramatic. A perfect gift that’s aesthetically unique.

Creating vivacious yet graceful engagement and wedding rings is Chocolate Couture’s domain. Thinking about popping the question? Its never been so easy. Choose from the quintessentially novel Le Fleur ring for the engagement to the Greed Gold/ Silver rings for perhaps, lets say, the wedding? Working in partnership with EcoChic Boutique to view more from their collection.

Embrace the four elements of nature this Valentine with Caipora’s earthy bold jewellery. The feminine Sugar Loaf necklace is a classic for both day and evening attire. The Thunder necklace is one to compliment a vibrant and fun- loving person. Assort through their Earth, Water, Wind and Fire collections all available in EcoChic Boutique.

If you feel like splurging the Kolibri Multi Dropstone Earrings, exclusively made for CRED by designer Sarah Harley are incredible. The hummingbird detail on the yellow gold coin is lit up by the colourful droplets of sapphire, ruby and amethyst gemstones. Sheer beauty.

At EcoChic Collection we know that rushing frenziedly around the shops hunting for that perfect gift is nothing but a daunting and tricky experience.

Visit our EcoChic Boutique HERE to view more stunning Fair Trade and Ethical Jewellery Collections and celebrate this truly historic story.

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