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CRED – the fairtrade and fairmined gold pioneers

CRED – the fairtrade and fairmined gold pioneers


2011 is an exceptional year for Fairtrade Jewellery and is witness to a historial moment that empowers responsible artisanal and small scale miners. This is attributed in the main to a small group of pioneers at CRED Jewelley in collaboration with the Alliance for Responsible mining (ARM) and the Fairtrade Foundation. This is momentous and life changing for many and we invite all our readers to celebrate with us in this unique and special story. Today we would like to tell the CRED story.

HANGA HEART NECKLACE GOLDCRED Jewellery believe in making beautiful jewellery that has ethical integrity. CRED are set apart by their commitment to fair trade, their pioneering spirit and the production of exciting, quality jewellery designs.

CRED Jewellery is the original Fair Trade jeweller. CRED do not make this claim lightly, but as pioneers they have pursued the dream of Fair Trade jewellery and brought it to reality. CRED do not just design beautiful jewellery, but have travelled the world to work along the supply chain to create a sustainable way of mining and producing. Even in the way their profits are invested, CRED are doing business differently.

As partners with CRED Jewellery we are delighted to be featuring their gorgeous fairtrade and fairmined Gold Collections in EcoChic Boutique HERE

CRED were founder members of the Alliance for Responsible Mining. CRED develop lasting relationships with their partners and have been instrumental in the introduction of the Fairtrade mark for gold. It is an ongoing campaign of continual improvement: they will not be satisfied until 100% Fair Trade jewellery becomes an industry standard.

Ethical Pioneers

CRED have been pioneers in ethical jewellery since 1996. They were the first European retailer to sell independently certified Fair Trade gold, and the first high street boutique to exclusively sell ethical jewellery. In 2003 CRED produced the world’s first truly ethical wedding rings: wedding bands made from gold from a traceable source that was certified as environmentally and socially responsible. They remain CRED’s bestsellers.

Read the CRED story…

Design & quality

CRED believe that beautiful jewellery and ethical integrity are intertwined. CRED have an inhouse design team and also collaborate with renowned designers and up-and coming talent to constantly offer fresh and exciting pieces…

Each piece of CRED jewellery is made from metal which is fully traceable, and all precious stones have a certificate of origin. From simple fair trade wedding rings to their design collections they have personally seen the background of the producers so can give you the story that accompanies it. If there is anything you want to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spreading the love

As CRED want to see fair trade jewellery become widely available, CRED use the partnerships and knowledge we have developed over years to supply numerous designers across the UK and Europe with fair trade gold, so they too can create beautiful designs with ethical integrity.

Greg Valerio

“When I started CRED Jewellery in 1996 my desire was to create a jewellery company that had the principles of Fair Trade at its very heart, as well as satisfying my personal desire for beauty and wonder. These two simple ideas are intrinsically bound together, because beauty at its most intense is a reflection of the wonder in nature. Jewellery is the finest symbol of this when it is sourced with social and environmental integrity, capturing, creating and conveying this genius.

“It has been an amazing journey that has taken me to some of the remotest regions of our world, met some of the most extraordinary people and witnessed some of the best and the worst practices in mining. Human and indigenous rights, environmental justice and human creativity are at the heart of our Fairtrade company.

Greg Valerio, Founder and Fair Trade Campaigner.

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