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Beat the January blues with our EcoChic news

Beat the January blues with our EcoChic news


We associate many things with this time of year, but when it comes to our fashionable readers and January/February we seem to have many things on our mind… chocolate, flowers and jewellery. (Sure there are loads of mentionable things for this time of year, but those 3 seem to be the more prevalent ones, right?) So this month, EcoChic Magazine is bringing to our faithful readers – articles sure to enlighten the mind, beautiful gifts you won’t know whether to give your loved ones or ask for yourself and many other delightful surprises! And just because the holidays are officially over and the thermometer dropping to what feels like below zero temperatures, our personal fashion statements and the environment do not need to take the plunge as well! From articles discussing news about a new remarkable fairtrade jewellery line in EcoChic Boutique, to products and fashion which can sustain both our sense for fashion and the environment, this month’s issue is filled to the brim with new products and ideas and (of course) lots of love all around!

Reader offers

CRED FUL PENDANTThis month, for 2 lucky readers, a gift from Faith in Nature will be given. Each of their formulations are certified organic and made with natural, Community Traded ingredients. And while this line delivers well-researched and developed products, an expensive price tag is not associated these high quality, environmentally friendly products! Enter our reader giveaway HERE

Valentines Day treats

CRED FUL EARRINGSJust in time for those choosing to celebrated Valentine’s Day this year, the Fairtrade Foundation and Alliance for Responsible Mining have collaborated with small-scale mining companies with hopes of revolutionizing the jewelry industry. In “Fairtrade Certified Gold Launches This Valentine’s Day,” truly beautiful pieces of jewellery are introduced, and for the first time ever… the story behind the jewellery is equally, if not more, beautiful and exciting! This ethical way to create jewellery- featuring everything from fairtrade and fairmined gold to gems and diamonds- has the potential to completely change the way our beloved jewellery is mined, produced and sold. … And did we mention the jewellery itself? I think its safe to say that wearing the fair trade jewelry featured in this months green glossy issue will make you feel as beautiful on the inside as it looks on the out! You can view our gorgeous fairtrade and ethical jewellery collections HERE

Beauty products unveiled

Also featured in this month’s online issue is “Beauty Products Unveiled,” introducing some of the potentially harmful chemicals found in everyday beauty products and cosmetics. … And let’s face it, with the number of beauty products an average woman in today’s society uses, our skin and beloved environment may pay the ultimate price. There is an added bonus too, we will our latest eBook, Body Beautiful, the Natural and Organic Way is now live HERE, with some fantastic contributions from the Soil Association and many organic beauty brands.

And as we enter a new year the words “climate change” are still evoking powerful emotions. Not enough seems to be known about what actions, or plans for action, are being put into place. Touching on previous setbacks and looking forward with high hopes for our planet’s future, Emma Pointing’s, “Cancun Climate Change, 2010 Review,” discusses the past, present and future of our governments response. And in Rachael McKendry’s, “The Nature of Biodiversity,” we are encouraged to spend time learning about the effects our current lifestyle has on the millions of plants and animals which we share our planet with.

And with that, I encourage you to settle in with a steamy beverage and this season’s latest green glossy … because compromising your personal sense of fashion should not require compromising the environment!

Remember to take care of yourselves and your surroundings. Cheers, the EcoChic Team

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