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EcoChic  – About US

EcoChic – About US


by Deborah Miarkowska

I created EcoChic, based on a simple philosophy and a shared ambition and since 2007, this idea has grown into a passion to promote the ideas behind the Ethical Fashion Industry, CSR and Sustainability.

Promoting natural, ethical & UK brands is our passion and speciality.

EcoChic Magazine, the inspiring green glossy.


In early 2009 EcoChic Magazine was a new arrival to the online consumer magazine market and delivers  eco messages in a stylish sustainable fashion.

Each day we present an eclectic mix of stylish ethical fashion reviews, eco travel adventures, campaign news & CSR updates, alongside inspiring ideas for stylish EcoChic living. As a reader, you can feel good knowing you are experiencing a wide range of fresh and lively features that celebrate the world’s most committed stylish ethical businesses, people and brands that are dedicated to environmental stewardship, human rights, community growth and social responsibility. Each and every one of our features found in EcoChic Magazine has earnt it’s status, shares our ethical beliefs and is as driven as we are by the desire and commitment to share, give back, bring hope and inspire.

EcoChic Consulting


Since 2007, we have been inspired to celebrate the work of ethical brands, charities and UK craftsmen, big and small. We showcase the very finest EcoChic brands within EcoChic Magazine, each with a dynamic story to tell, that shares a common visionary theme of environmental and social impact delivered in a sustainable fashion.

Over the last few years we have benefitted from the contributions of an amazing number of environmentalists, writers & PR Professionals.  Thanks to you all we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here are each of their profiles and a few inspiring words….

deborah-miarkowska-creative-director-editor-ecochic-collection-ixiDeborah Miarkowksa, Creative Director EcoChic Collection

Like each and every one of us we all have a story to tell. At nineteen I turned down a place at London School of Fashion, to become a Fashion buyer and determined to make more of a difference in the world and went on to pursue a career as a University Health Lecturer with a specialist interest in communication, innovation & leadership in healthcare. Years later, by this time married with two adorable twin girls, I had a true Damascus moment whilst on a family holiday in the mountains of Poland in 2006. Whilst at a local market a dainty felt bag caught my eye and as I made my purchase, the stallholder said “You’ve changed a child’s life today” and explained how the fair trade practices behind his products gave families in Nepal a living wage and support for their communities. A seed was planted. Out of the realisation that beautiful things, poverty reduction and environmental protection really can go together, EcoChic Collection was born.

After several months of intense research, I started EcoChic Collection in 2007, out of a admiration of green style, my appreciation of beautiful yet consciously produced products and love of people and planet. EcoChic has flourished into EcoChic Magazine & EcoChic Consulting which is dedicated to inspiring our readers about the inspirational stories behind our product and celebrates the work of our ethical business partners.

Whilst being a Mumpreneur I continue to combine EcoChic with working as a University Lecturer with a specialist interest in leadership, communication & innovation in healthcare. Writing is an extension of this love of communication, innovation and social change and the celebration of success stories that benefit both people and planet.

What inspires me? ….human kindness, nature and beautiful people from the inside out!

Dr Ryszard Miarkowski et Famille, Business Partner.

General listening ear, business advisor and rock!

What inspires Dr R, a strong and loving family, honesty and of course travel & skiing, “it’s all that mountain air, it simply does wonders to the soul”.

Jo Swannell- Owen, EcoChic Features & Copy Writer and  Graphic Designer.

Jo Swannell Owen is a Company Director of Tailbone Productions Ltd, as well as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and writer. Examples of her graphic design work can be viewed HERE. Jo grew up in Hertfordshire, graduated from UCL and worked for several years putting dinosaurs together at London’s Natural History Museum before moving to Wales. A career change to graphic design saw her working for several different Pembrokeshire companies and as a freelancer whilst developing her long held ambitions as a writer. Attending a writing course taught by Sarah Waters’s old english teacher fanned the literary flames, and in 2008 Jo was awarded a New Writer’s Bursary by Academi (The Welsh Literature Promotion Agency). She has also been shortlisted for the Aeon Award (for speculative short fiction) and has been accepted onto Curtis Brown Creative’s 2011 novel writing course.
After recently spending nine months living in a Costa Rican rainforest where she worked on conservation projects and with endangered species, Jo returned to the UK keen to use her skills to promote environmental and conservation issues, sustainable living and a more thoughtful approach to consumerism.
Jo freelances as a graphic designer, copywriter and editor and – having recently moved to Sussex – is delighted to be building on her skills as a features and copy writer for EcoChic.


Alex Bell – EcoChic PR & Marketing Intern 2011.

Alex Bell is a law graduate and a fantasy novelist. Her published books have been translated into several different languages and her debut novel was recently optioned for film. She is a committed vegetarian with a great interest in ethical fashion and international human rights. Her favourite things are vegan high heels, cream teas, Siamese cats and books.

Laura Andrews-Brighton University School of Fashion Graduate, Sustainability Consultant & Writer.

Passionate about fair trade fashion and sustainable design. The voice of EcoChic Magazine’s Design Diaries. A lovely person to have on the team.

Alice C Doyle – Environmental Features Writer 2010 – 2011.

Sarah O’Riordan- EcoChic Office Administrator & fabulous organiser 2010.

Andrea Shufflebotham- Features writer 2009-2010.

Emma Pointing- Features Writer 2010 -2011.

Stephanie Fortescue – Features Writer, 2010.

Paul Bratby- Photographer 2010.

Sarah Harman – Photographer & graphic Designer 2010.

Alexandra Delmage, PR & Marketing Intern 2010-2011

Aine Treanor, PR & Marketing Intern 2011

Lindsay Parker, PR & Marketing Intern 2011

Laura Gokhale- Brighton University School of Fashion-EcoChic Collection Product Design Intern, 2009.

EcoChic Models- 2009 Erin Souttar.

“I have always been interested in developing countries and global issues. I went to India in my gap year and taught in a number of schools there, loved the culture and the people and everything about it…but I also saw alot of poverty and a need for a better education in some places. I started a teaching degree in Brighton, I’m in my third year now and I am studying a module on International education and global citizenship which I hope will inform my teaching on global issues, such as fair trade when I am working in schools. I feel this is a subject of growing importance within education as it allows children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the skills and values they need to live in a fast changing and interdependent world. Starting in February I will be doing a placement with Brighton Peace and environment centre, which I hope will make me even more aware of the issues faced by many around the world as well as a better understanding of how these issues can be taught in schools. When I finish my degree, as well working in schools in the UK, I would also like to work in developing countries helping to improve education for all, making sure groups have access to education. In relation to fair trading, I think education is important so those producing goods have the skills to make sure they are getting a fair price and so they are not taken advantage of”.

Photographer 2009- Yasmine Hussain

“Ethical Fashion is great because it is guilt free shopping. The overwhelming culture of disposable fashion and cheap bargains (that end up never leaving the wardrobe or end up in landfill) is an unsustainable lifestyle for the planet. People need to become more aware of the affect their purchases have as it is so important. With EcoChic it is great to see exactly where your clothes come from and where your money is going”.

EcoChic Model 2009 – Lydia Garnett.

“I love ethical fashion because it uses the power of fashion to improve people’s quality of life. Ethical fashion is a great way to generate awareness about situations in other countries and it offers people a simple and fun way to contribute to a world of equality”.

Jude Murphy- Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor- Two Tomorrows

Dawn Parker-Lawyer & EcoChic Legal Advisor. Expert & second to none at Contract Law.

Sandisons Accountants- Dorset UK

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