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Wild Planet Products – delightful & natural effusions

Wild Planet Products – delightful & natural effusions


by Deborah Miarkowska

Wild Planet products – bring the delightful scents of nature into your home with new Wild Planet naturally handmade scented candles and diffusers. Perfect for any room; whether setting the scene for a relaxing bath, creating an ambience for entertaining or making your whole home smell divine.

wild-planet-productsSimple beginnings….. 

Wild Planet sourced natural ingredients for our bath, body & home fragrance range since our inception and it all began back in 2005 with a humble bar of soap…..

The founder, Eileen Holford produced her first batch of handmade soap in her kitchen using pure essential oils from around the world. “It was so satisfying to produce something that was natural, felt great to use and smelled wonderful that I quickly became hooked. I couldn’t wait to receive the latest supply of plant oils and herbs from all corners of the planet and began producing more products with essential oils including perfumed candles, lotions and balms. The aromas I managed to create took me right back to when I went backpacking in my 20s reminding me of the different sights and scents from the souks of Marrakech and beaches of Indonesia to the jungles of Central America and was the inspiration behind ‘Wild Planet'”.

More research and development into the ancient use and origins of traditional plants, their aromas and benefits continued and the first products were launched at local artisan markets in Kent and were so well received that specialist retail shops including the National Trust, spas, galleries and Boutique Bed & Breakfasts began stocking Wild Planet products.

Wild Planet scented candles and diffusers made with natural ingredients, richly infused with only pure high quality essential oils to indulge your senses and promote a sense of well-being. So, no synthetic smells just beautiful natural aromas in your home.

Scented Candles

At Wild Planet traditional methods are used; blending, melting and pouring – the artisan way – with no mass production and no cheap chemicals. Blended with natural wax from soya beans – sourced from growers with sustainable crops – the candles produce a clean burn with no black soot from genetically modified materials. This soy wax is melted using a very low heat so as not to interfere with the quality of wax. Once melted, the essentials oils are then blended by hand incorporating them throughout the wax not just on the surface. Natural cotton, lead-free wicks are attached with organic beeswax (no toxic glue!). The mixture is then individually hand poured into re-usable glasses and left to set naturally.

Delightful blends to  choose from

Candle in Jute Bag – Soft Embers – Reminiscent of Autumn walks, smoky wood fires and cosy nights. The Soft Embers candle combines zesty orange with hints of spicy Madagascan organic cloves, blended with deep woody base notes of Moroccan cedarwood with its’ exotic earthy fragrance to produce a rich, comforting and grounding aroma. Costs, £19.95 for a 200g candle with minimum 40 hours burn time. Comes in heavy base glass individually hand wrapped with tissue paper encased in a reusable jute bag. Also available in these tantalising fragrances: Spice Night, Lime Light, Midsummer, Vintage Rose, and Warm Hug.

Wick Scented Candle in Gift Box – Spice Night – A spicy and zesty aroma this is one of our bestselling candles. With top notes of refreshing Indian lemongrass, perfectly complimenting the spiciness of Sri Lankan black pepper and nutmeg, combined with a hint of Indonesian patchouli to create an exotic yet uplifting aroma. Costs, £29.95 for a 350g candle with a minimum 50 hours burn time. Comes in a natural coloured gift box with ribbon. Also available in these charming fragrances: Lime Light, Midsummer and Vintage Rose.

 Scented Candle Jar – Wild Lime & Bergamot – To perfectly compliment our bath & body range we have created three candle jars. Ideal to use as travel candle or in the bathroom each is hand poured with natural soy wax into amber glass jars that glow beautifully when lit. From the Wild Lime & Bergamot range this very aromatic candle has a really uplifting scent, great to burn for a fresh scent of juicy citrus fruits with a just a hint of cleansing herbal rosemary. Costs, £18.95 for 200g candle with min 40 hours burn time. Also available in:- Wild Rose Geranium and Wild Lavender.


Each Wild Planet diffuser is handmade using pure essential oils. Diffusers offer an ornamental way to softly fragrance your home with minimum effort. The natural reeds are placed in a pretty glass jar containing a special essential oil blend, enabling them to gradually draw up the aromatic oil releasing these wonderful aromas into the surroundings. Created from two of our signature candle scents: – Limelight and Midsummer.
Limelight – Bursting with energising and cleansing juicy citrus fruits this is the perfect aroma to really perk you up and bring a bit of zing into your home. A zesty blend of Italian lime and bergamot with revitalising lemongrass. Available in two sizes; costs £19.95 for 100ml, £29.95 for 200ml diffuser. Refils also available at £16.95 for 200ml bottle.

 Visit the Wild Planet Website HERE

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