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The Anne Wiggins Essentials Collection

The Anne Wiggins Essentials Collection


by Jo Swannell Owen

“The most comfortable and flattering item of clothing I have ever owned.” Lila Beainy-Oberhuber (Beirut, Lebanon)

The Anne Wiggins Ethical Silk Collection

Here at EcoChic we are delighted to introduce the debut collection of an inspired designer whose ethical standards inform every aspect of her work. There’s only one problem: just thinking about these beautiful garments has made us feel extraordinarily relaxed and pampered – so do bear with us if we drift off in the middle of telling you the Anne Wiggins story…

View this exceptional collection HERE


For centuries a closely guarded secret…a bargaining tool for peace…more valuable than gold…silk is truly a luxury commodity and the Anne Wiggins London Essentials Collection seeks to bring you designs worthy of this sumptuous material. Simplicity of design; quality without compromise; the highest ethical production values – these are the tenets of the Anne Wiggins London brand. The underlying concept of this stunning collection of nightwear and loungewear is simple, and based upon an unshakable philosophy: indulgence without exploitation. Informed by her long-held Buddhist beliefs, Anne Wiggins has sourced the finest in humanely-produced silk, and used ethically sound and environmentally aware artisanal methods to produce this beautiful range of garments. With every step of the process guided by sound ethical practices, the journey to beauty truly comes from within.

A different slant on silk

“The best quality silk I’ve come across in decades” Silva Jozanc (London, UK)

“I was immediately attracted by the knowledge that ethical methods had been used at every stage of the production process. …the range has a purity, delicacy and symmetry that I have struggled to find elsewhere.” Natasha Proietto (Geneva, Switzerland)

Standard mass-produced silk comes from a method which involves silk worms being destroyed by the harvesting process. This was never an option for Anne’s work: instead the raw material she employs comes from a humane process in which the silk worms are allowed to mature and emerge from their cocoons as moths. This emergence breaks the silk fibre into strands which must then be de-gummed and spun, rather than spooled to produce a workable fibre. This difference in the raw silk – short fibres rather than one continuous strand – is significant in that it results in a warmer, softer silk. Produced in a small factory in Japan, no toxic chemical treatments are used in the manufacture of these garments. Factory conditions are monitored to ensure fair wages and working hours, and high environmental standards are adhered to throughout.

The end result is a collection of limited edition hand-made garments whose refined lines and attention to detail truly do justice to the exceptional quality of the silk. From silkworm to factory, to the day you receive your own beautifully packaged and very special delivery, it’s undoubtedly a winning combination.

Exclusive, understated and eminently desirable

“Anne’s designs come with my highest recommendation and will be my first and only choice of sleepwear.” HSH Princess Francie von Schonfeld (London/New York)

Happily for all concerned, ethical production methods naturally lead to the highest quality silk which, married to Anne’s subtle designs, means that ‘green’ nightwear  and loungewear need not be about compromise. Far from it, in fact. The range includes pyjamas, gowns, robes and camisoles: all presented in sexy, indulgent champagne coloured silk. Take a moment to appreciate the considered design work and attention to detail: covered buttons, adjustable straps, bust support, hidden pockets. Even a brief perusal of this collection can’t fail to impress.

Treat yourself and your skin will love you forever; treat someone else and – well, we’re not making any promises, but…!

“They are beautiful to wear and wearing them makes me feel beautiful. ” Helen Buckland (Sydney, Australia)

Do take a look at the breathtaking Anne Wiggings London range HERE

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