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Caipora – Ethical Elegance breathing life into Body and Soul

Caipora – Ethical Elegance breathing life into Body and Soul


by Alice C Doyle

EcoChic is delighted to celebrate Caipora’s consciously gorgeous ethical jewellery collection. Caipora’s designers magically mix their creative influences to skillfully juxtapose Brazilian vibrancy with a calming engagement to the natural world. Innovative and pioneering, blending shape, texture and movement, Caipora embody the Latin spirit with pure ethical beauty.





View Caipora’s latest collection HERE.

A fusion of ethical elegance

caipora-ethical-jewelleryCaipora’s signature style is a union of creative impulses from the design team; Camilla Danuziatta, Marzio Fiorini, Mercia Stela and Paula Santos and Rita Holanda. The seamless fusion of ethnic diversity embraces influences from the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro, the riverbanks of the Amazonia rainforest to the psychedelic shine of the 60s. The collection is for body and soul, timeless in style, yet designed and produced in fluid harmony with the natural world.

What is so unique about the range is that alongside each piece, it is carefully detailed what materials have been used. In demonstrating how all the natural materials have been sourced, each piece of beautifully hand crafted jewellery has a story of its own to tell.

Zel Albuquerque, Founder & CEO explains the passion behind Caipora. “Finding out ways to add more beauty & meaning into people’s lives is our inspiration”.

A harmony of Body and Soul

caipora-2010-viiThe Collections are based upon the classical elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air, as their creation and design embody the delicate harmony of nature and beauty. The lively Fire collection reflects energy, vibrancy, and happiness from the stunning adornment of the art jewellery to the glittering shine of the gold rain necklace.

The mysterious beauty of the Earth collection, inspired by the seasons, fuses unique and unusual materials to create a bold yet delicate balance of nature’s finest. The Amazonian necklace is created with un-germinated seeds, hand foraged by riverside communities whilst the Happy Mood bracelet, is created from the semi-precious vegetable Ivory seed, “Jarina”.

Water is a blend of natural elements combined with delicate frames of gold and silver to produce a romantic, gentle beauty inspired by Mother Nature. From the statement reclaimed wood and silver bracelet, to the sustainably farmed golden grass bringing timeless glamour to the fiesta necklace.

Air creates a joyous tranquillity through an outspoken mix of colours, materials and elements combined with a richness of gold, silver, pearls and semi-precious stones. The properties of the ethically mined Rutile Crystal ring balance polarities whilst the golden Fearlessness Necklace, layers different materials in a bold statement design.
Core human values such as trust, family, and loyalty are reflected in design and inherent in manufacture.


Sustainable Beauty

caipora-gold-grass-ring1Sustainable beauty is at the heart of the Caipora collection, with social and environmental respect being central to all production and design. Using beautiful natural materials, that are surplus to nature’s requirements and working in conjunction with local communities, the ethical essence of each piece can be felt. The designs radiate elegant beauty, whilst respecting the natural materials sustainability, the knowledge and tradition of local Brazilian communities, effortlessly balancing style and sustainability. Utilizing native knowledge, materials are harvested depending on the species of each plant, ensuring quality and sustainability. Recycled materials such as wood, horn, leather, textiles, and fibres, gold and silver are all non-virgin and sourced as offcuts from other industries.

Natural Materials

As natural materials vary in size, shape and colour, each item is as unique as the person that wears it, combining a wearable statement with a fresh expression of creativity and individuality.
From rubber art jewellery to layered cascades of golden grass and gem stones, Caipora breaths life and animacy into the collection via its design and manufacture. As Zel says, “Caipora’s unique ethical jewellery creations explore the well balanced relationship between humans, beauty & nature, both in material & form.”

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